The photography room

This room, so called because its walls are covered with more than a thousand books of photographs including iconic and legendary photographers of the first three quarters of the twentieth century, a period in which digitalization had not yet arrived and to which Sergio has paid special interest, as it is the period of black and white analog photography.

The library also includes collections of emblematic magazines such as Paris-Match, Destino, London New, Notas Gráficas de La Vanguardia, Estampa, Signal, magazines that emerged as a result of the photographic boom from the twenties of the s. XX and that the development of new printing techniques gestated a completely new graphic world that allowed bringing to the general public the events occurred in the antipodes transmitting a new visual reality and in which some of the photographers who lent their collaboration over time have become benchmarks of the photography of s. XX.

Also houses this room photographic works made by Sergio, which includes more than two hundred fifty self-published books of Jazz concerts that he attended and graphically documented between the years 2014 and 2019, most of them in the Jazz club Jamboree in Barcelona.