Common areas

As one of the distinctive features of its proposal, Mas Planadevall has several carefully renovated spaces that are located in the farmhouse.

A room dedicated exclusively to photography, which aims to provide lovers of this art / craft, a meeting place for study and research in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. The room houses a specific library.

Also the library, which has a large number of volumes on Art, Art History, Literature, Ethnography, History... Along with the classics, you will also find reference works of great writers, old books, dictionaries, encyclopedias and collections that you can enjoy in your room, or in some of the literary corners that we have created for you.

A living area that occupies the old kitchen and a spacious terrace where you can observe the views of the surroundings of Mas Planadevall.

Popular antique pottery is another distinctive sign of Mas planadevall. Ceramic panels in the kitchens, jars, ewers and hundreds of pieces from the personal collection of Sergio Sabini that are part of the rehabilitation of the farmhouse and its immediate surroundings. All the spaces have their own printing press.

Finally, to complement all this, guests can choose -on request-, between different gastronomic proposals whose quality, flavor and authenticity prevail above all. Without preservatives or additives, we offer our visitors different elaborations that will allow them to have breakfast, lunch and/or dinner in their own environment without having to travel.