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Mas Planadevall


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Welcome to Mas Planadevall

We would like to introduce you to Mas Planadevall's spaces, located in a privileged corner in the Natural Park of the Garrotxa. The place is conceived as a refuge with careful interior design, where the owners want to provide the highest quality to their guests, combining direct contact with nature.

After years of careful transformation, Mas Planadevall offers two different spaces: the Masoveria which is a unique and captivating independent accommodation for 4 people and the Masia with three beautiful double rooms equipped with all comforts. Two spaces that can be fully combined if necessary.

Helena and Sergio are the hosts of this captivating place, in which they intend to combine their love for nature along with their passions: photography, ceramics and gastronomy.

The property is located in the protected area of the Garrotxa Natural Park, where the volcanic soils generate a very special habitat. The range and strength of the colors refer us to a sublime Fauvism, whose seasonal palette dyes the vegetation in multiple colors ranging from intense greens to faded browns and aged ocher, creating a unique visual spectacle.

All this within walking distance of rural routes, villages with noble history such as Santa Pau, and the beautiful volcanoes of the natural park.

In short, a vital project that for its owners reaffirms the saying that a destination is not chosen, it is fulfilled.

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